Our company, which started its business by establishing fertilizer and feed dealerships in 1998 with the benefits of cotton and onion cultivation, proved itself in its commercial activity by creating the largest tonnage of agricultural product sales volume in its region.

Our company, which continues its commercial life in the agricultural sector, has made an initiative in food transportation by making investments step by step. It proved itself in the sector where it started its domestic pasteurized transportation and also signed the international food transportation. It transports all over Europe with its cooling fleet of 40 vehicles. It operates to become a brand in the sector.

Our company, thinking that it deserves the best service in its region, has taken a step into the fuel sector by acquiring dealerships of leading brands. It continues to serve with the same leading brands for more than 10 years.

Our company, which does not hesitate to make investments and aims to carry its 22 years to future generations with the awareness of commercial ethics, nowadays in the agriculture sector with its agricultural product cultivation activity on 2,000 decares of land, the lowest in the logistics sector with its domestic and international transportation activities with its 2018 model 40 vehicle refrigerated, closed box fleet, 10 It operates in the fuel sector with the fuel station activity that has been continuing with the same dealerships for more than years.